Birth - 2 years old
  • Tender care for your baby

    Our two baby play rooms are perfect for your young (non-mobile) baby and older (mobile baby). They are spacious, but cosy and well equipped with age appropriate toys.
    All the babies love to have stories read to them and we never fail to get cute, gummy smiles when we sing songs and do floor play. There’s always lots of time for love and cuddles and then, as soon as they are able, the children have the opportunity to participate in activities such as art and craft, cooking and water play.
    • Staff to child ratio 1:3
    • Dedicated areas for play, meals, sleep and nappy changing
    • Carers follow a very hands-on approach
    • Flexible routine, dependant on their individual needs
    • Follow the Birth to Three Matters Framework - established to amuse, stimulate and encourage children to learn and explore through play
    • Age Group:
      Birth - 2 Years Old
    • Class Size:
      Staff to child ratio 1:3
      Small groups of six or nine children
    • Sessions:
      Mornings: 8 am - 1 pm
      Early start available from 6:30am

      Afternoons, 1 pm - 6 pm
      Late finish available to 8pm
  • Our Great Team

    Highly experienced - enormously caring!
    • Nathalie
      Deputy Manager and Preschool Lead
    • Jo
      Office Manager, Deputy Manager and Afterschool Lead
    • Tracy
    • Very happy with staff, meals and environment.

    • Staff are lovely!

    • Staff at Sunnybank are always understanding

    • Settled well into nursery and enjoys her time there.

    • Always smells clean.

    • Thank you for looking after her so well, she has made fantastic progress.