Summer Holiday Club

  • Friendship, festivities and FANTASTIC fun for the summer!

  • We have six fun packed weeks to entertain your school age child during the summer! We have chosen a different theme for each week and our activities will be adapted to suit the themes.
    Children should bring swim suits and spare clothes every day and every Friday is fancy dress day and talent show!
    Every week, regardless of themes, we will try to incorporate a selection of the following activities:
    • Field trips - castle and museum visits
    • Sports
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Nature walks and photography
    • Swimming
    • Board games
    • Dance
    • Science projects
    • Gardening
    • Wii
  • Previous Summer Holiday Club Themes
    Week 1 - HARRY POTTER

    ➢ Make Chocolate Wands & Butter Beer
    ➢ Create Spells & Potions
    ➢ Trip to Park for potion resources/ ingredients
    ➢ Possible Trip to Castle/ Museum


    ➢ Create a profile on favourite sports hero
    ➢ A Range of Sports e.g. Rounders, Cricket, Football
    ➢ Design a sports kit for favourite sport
    ➢ Trip to the park
    ➢ Olympic Races

    Week 3 - BOOK WEEK

    ➢ Choose Favourite book & write a book review
    ➢ Create a short story
    ➢ Act out scenes from favourite book or from created story

    Week 4 - SPACE

    ➢ Imaginary space adventure… Children to create own story as a group
    ➢ Create an alien sighting in a newspaper article
    ➢ Create a simple dance sequence to sci-fi music

    Week 5 - DISNEY/MARVEL

    ➢ Create a Comic/ Fairytale story
    ➢ Water Tag…. Character Teams
    ➢ Trip to the Park… for Disney/ Marvel hunt!
    ➢ Make Disney/ Marvel cakes

    Week 6 - PARTY/FINALE

    ➢ Movie morning/afternoon…. Date to be confirmed
    ➢ Fancy Dress Optional Daily (Favourite character, Person, princess, pirate etc)
    ➢ Bring in Favourite Toy/Game

    • Age Group:
      5 - under 12 year olds
      (Reception to year 6)
    • Class Size:
      1:8 staff to child ratio
    • Pricing:
      Full Day (8am-6pm) £26.00
      Morning (8am - 1pm) £15.50
      Afternoon (1pm - 6pm) £13.50

      Extended hours available at extra cost and must be pre-booked (to maintain correct staff/child ratios):
      * drop-off between 6:30am-8am:
      £5.00 per 30mins
      * collection between 6pm-8pm:
      £5.00 per 30mins

      Late collection charge when not pre-booked:
      * Drop-offs before 8am -
      £5.00 per 30 minutes.
      * Collections after 6pm -
      £5.00 for first 30 minutes, then £5.00 per 15 minutes thereafter.
    • Sessions:
      Mornings: 8am - 1pm
      Afternoons: 1pm - 6pm

      Extended hours available:
      * drop-off between 6:30am-8am
      * collection between 6pm-8pm