LEA funding explained


Are you wondering what LEA funding means for you as a parent of Sunnybank? Maybe this will help.

We provide 2.5 hour FREE sessions for children in the term after their third birthday. This arrangement is term time only and must be a minimum of 3 sessions to a maximum of 5 sessions, all on separate days.

These sessions are funded directly by the LEA, so no money changes hands between parents and Sunnybank. Parents whose children attend more than one nursery can only receive funding for one i.e. if your child is at a state nursery in morning which is funded, then if your child attends Sunnybank in afternoon, this will not be funded.

We receive LEA funding for children in the specific age group, regardless of whether they attend nursery for normal 5 hour sessions, morning or afternoon or full days.

Parents are invoiced for the full nursery fees as usual but before the end of each term we discount their invoice by the funded amount. The amount varies slightly per term but averages around £6.50 per session. There are roughly 39 term time weeks per year, so e.g. parents whose children attend 5 x 5 hour normal sessions each week will receive a refund of approximately £1267 a year, divided over three terms, depending on number of weeks per term. This amount is proportionately less if children come three or four sessions a week.

Hopefully that explanation helps to clarify a bit. Please call us if you have any further queries about how the LEA funding works.

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