Our Great Team

Highly experienced - enormously caring!
  • NEW! Team photos and who's who coming soon!

  • We are fortunate to have a truly fantastic team of dedicated nursery staff!

  • We strongly value our staff and recognise that it is thanks to their dedication, experience, enthusiasm and a genuine love of children that Sunnybank has been such a special place for all the many children that we are fortunate enough to have cared for for over 26 years.

    We are absolutely committed to providing superior care and fully support our staff with an on-going training program to ensure that they are all kept up to date with best practice in childcare, regardless of how experienced they are.

    • Nathalie
      Deputy Manager and Preschool Lead
    • Jo
      Office Manager, Deputy Manager and Afterschool Lead
    • Tracy
    • Sharon
    • Ellise